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Kangaroo Island Pure Grain works with our experienced farmers on Kangaroo Island to grow non-genetically modified food quality grains, oilseeds, pulses and honey.

We supply premium products direct to you from our range of:

  • Non-genetically modified high oil canola
  • Premium wheat (APW, ASW, SFE, AGP & FED)
  • Malting barley 
  • Broad Beans, sized to your requirement
  • Whole Red Lentils
  • Organic honey

Kangaroo Island is blessed with a wonderful, mild, frost free maritime climate with a good and reliable rainfall which encourages our farmers to grow a wide variety of grain crops and also to grow oilseeds (Non GMO Canola), Pulses (broad beans) & other crops. 

We are looking to continue our discussions with Australia's premium food producers to encourage them to include our Kangaroo Island Pure Grains in their products, co-branding our KI Pure Brand on their products.

We are already supplying specialty flour millers, bakers, biscuit makers, and premium canola oil companies and we can see this co-branding being a positive commitment to these consumer brands as to their food security, regionality, taste and purity.

The objective for KIPG is to continue to work with premium domestic and international buyers to build long term supply arrangements and commitments that will encourage and expand our grain and oilseed and pulse production on Kangaroo Island.

We look forward to discussing your next grain requirements. 


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