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After the driest April, May, and June on record, KI has eventually received good rains in July, to get the crops growing.

Canola is looking exceptionally good, as it has not had any effect from waterlogging. 

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Biscuit wheat is also growing well.

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The broad beans were very slow to start with the dry conditions, and are a good month behind their normal growth stage.

However, all crops are looking healthier than in a normal year when waterlogging would be starting to appear. A dry start is not a bad thing on KI, as long as we get a good spring.

Our new malting barley, Westminster, which we are  growing for Coopers, also  looks terrific at this stage.



KIPG is continuing to move ahead with two very important new appointments.

Shane Mills has accepted the role of Chief Executive Officer. He has had a broad range of experience in agriculture, viticulture, plant breeding, and grain processing and marketing. He has grasped the vision of KIPG enthusiastically, and is already implementing big improvements for the company.

Ryan Carson has been appointed Operations Manager for the Osborne Plant, which has doubled its output this year due to a huge increase in third party cleaning and packing work. Ryan also comes with plenty of experience in the grains industry, and the desire to continue expanding KIPG.





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